The Truth About SMS Carrier Keyword Filters

The Truth About SMS Carrier Keyword Filters

Let’s say you have an insurance company and you are scheduling out a campaign of SMS messages over a period of two weeks, your first message might look like this:


Hello, {first_name} this is ABC Auto Insurance and we received your inquiry via our website. Call us today to get a 100% free quote! No charge, it is Completely Free! Satisfaction Guaranteed!


At first glance nothing may look wrong with this message, but nothing could be further from the truth. Using words like ‘No Charge’, ‘Completely Free’, ‘100%’, ‘Guaranteed’ are all bad ideas, especially sent in bulk by the thousands.


Why would carriers filter messages based on keywords?


Mobile customers receive lots of spam, and not every carrier filters the same way. One carrier may have a system in place that filters out messages based on a list of “spammy” keywords, and others may have advanced AI filtering in place that uses many other metrics to determine if a message may not be wanted by their customers, and it will be blocked on their network.


Why is no one talking about this?


The answer is simple. The carriers don’t want the spammers/robo-dialers/mass marketers to know how they are deciding whether or not an SMS is spam. If they did, robo dialers all over the world, would figure out how to break the filter. This closely correlates with what happened when email spam became a problem. The providers will never explain in detail how their filters work, and even now spammers are probably still hitting your inbox. People that figure out how to circumvent these filters also do not talk about it. The less people that know, the better.


Why talk about carrier filters and how they work, if they are secret?


Here at Teledrip we have helped customers troubleshoot their existing campaigns on other platforms to figure out why they may not be performing well. Sometimes mistakes are made before they even start their campaign. Using “flagged” keywords is one of these common mistakes. This goes for any platform, because at the end of the day, we all want to reach our potential customers at all of the big carriers.


We want all of our customers to succeed, and opening the discussion on how we can deal with these filters in a legitimate way, is what we do. Our platform was designed to reach targeted leads that have opted in to receive communications efficiently, effectively and with little to no human intervention. That is our goal.