Text messages get sent to your prospects on a schedule. Our AI will handle incoming responses.


Call your prospects on a schedule and transfer them to live agents. Use our A.I. engine for routing and appointment setting.


Use our powerful A.I. engine on popular chat services to increase engagement rates.


Design beautiful and personalized emails and drip them out to your customers on a schedule.

Intelligent Follow Up

Our experts will design and implement a custom drip tailored to the needs of your business. Users can easily schedule any type of message on a drip with the click of a button. Send calls, text messages, emails, and voicemails to automate your marketing message and drive sales reliably. Our virtual sales assistant will reply to SMS messages and phone calls and handle common tasks such as appointment setting, opting out, and answering common questions.

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Improve your contact rate and boost your engagement to drive more sales.

Our Features & Solutions

Learn more about SMS Marketing, Sales Automation, Drip Marketing and our A.I. Assistant

SMS Marketing

Increase contact rates and boost engagement with SMS.

Learn more about our conversational SMS marketing solution

Sales Automation

Automate Sales & Increase Productivity with our powerful platform

Learn more about our simple yet powerful schedule editor

Drip Marketing

Easily schedule any type of message on a drip with the click of a button

Automate your marketing message and drive sales reliably

A.I. Assistant

Our Virtual Sales Assistant answers questions and sets appointments

Learn more about how our AI can answer questions and schedule follow-up calls

A/B Testing

Creating multiple campaigns with different goals and schedules makes it easy to measure results objectively.

Awesome Reporting

Our powerful reports offer insight into your campaigns performance.

White Glove Service

After consulting with your company, we will design a custom campaign tailored to the needs of your prospects.

Simple API

Post leads into the system easily. Update conversion data on leads for accurate reporting.

Intelligent Messaging

We use AI to process your inbound SMS messages to reply, opt-out or re-schedule customers.

Workforce Automation

Increase efficiency in your sales process by reducing tedious emailing and outbound dialing.


Built on World Class Global Infrastructure for Maximum Uptime and Reliability. Trust your communications with us.

See what TeleDrip can do for your business. Increase your inbound call volume by over 30%