The Dangers of Voice Broadcasting

The Dangers of Voice Broadcasting

With the advances in the telecom industry, and the creation of intuitive APIs for making calls and sending text messages, Voice Broadcasting is at an all time high. It’s easier to do than ever before, and it sounds like a good idea, just purchase a list of leads, and dial them all with a well formed IVR message, right?


The problem is it has been done for a very long time, even before VoIP. Using these tactics will lump you together with every non-compliant, robo-dialer out there. Eventually, your phone calls will be blocked by all the major carriers because your tactics were way too spammy. You could also be sued and/or fined if your calls are not TCPA compliant.


What Major Carriers are Doing About It


Imagine you are a customer at Sprint and you end up on a robo-dialers voice broadcasting list. Depending on what voice broadcasting software they are using (most of them support this), there are options to automatically redial you in the event the call was a voicemail, busy, or just plain not answered. Robo dialers will set up campaigns that are borderline harassment and continue to call until they guilt you into picking up the phone. This causes you (the Sprint customer), to call Sprint and complain. This has forced action from the major carriers. They know the tactics, and they are synced with robo dialing databases to check if a phone number is a known “voice broadcasting” or “robo dialing” number. The major carriers are able to tell if a number is flagged or not, before the call starts ringing at the destination. They don’t talk about what the limits are, and from the voice broadcaster’s perspective, the calls still look like they are being attempted, just not answered.


What Robo Dialers Are Doing


We know the majority of carrier level filtering revolves around the amount of numbers you are dialing in a certain area, in a given time frame. This means the obvious answer is to use more phone numbers, and robo dialers buy a lot of phone numbers. This however, is not always a good idea. Depending on where they get their data, and how aggressive their campaign is, they could really be making loads of people unhappy. Especially when most robo dialing campaigns are setup to call back in the event of a busy signal or voicemail, repeatedly, until someone picks up. This is forcing action not just from the carriers, but also from their customers. With more and more people complaining, and bringing these cases to court, it is only a matter of time before more legislation passes to make robo dialing against the federal law. Something similar happened with spam emails in 2003 with the CAN-SPAM Act.


The bottom line is if you are buying tons of phone numbers, and constantly having to buy more, you might need to take a hard look at your marketing tactics. You need to know if what you are doing is 100% compliant, and not aimed to make people angry.


The Future is Intelligent Engagement


There is a better way. Many companies have a legit stream of customer information and leads coming in by way of multiple avenues. As long as these people have “opted-in” and have requested to be contacted for more information, then there is a legitimate use case for engaging these leads via SMS and phone calls. Teledrip does this differently by allowing you to not only schedule the leads engagement throughout its whole lifecycle, but also enable our AI to allow the customer to intelligently schedule a call back to be reached at a later time. The best part about it, our AI does all of this scheduling for you, and our AI doesn’t just listen to their voice, it understands their text messages too. That is not all it does, with AI triggers you are able to hook in and deliver relevant messages in response to your customer’s true intentions. For example things like DNC (do not call), im busy right now, and call me now, for example are all handled and trained in real time. The AI learns both from every message that comes in, and by our Machine Learning team that actively trains our AI by hand on problematic responses. Our AI gets better every single day, and not a day goes by that it doesn’t surprise us with something clever. We truly are making something that a lot of companies can benefit from in a variety of situations.


Most companies really have no idea what Teledrip can offer them, until they see what our platform can do. It truly is something special, and we make it easy to get you up and running quickly. Schedule a demo today.