Ringless Voicemail Explained

Ringless Voicemail Explained

A ringless voicemail is a voicemail placed in an inbox without the associated person’s phone ringing. Usually by means of a backdoor carrier voicemail gateway, or ringing the number twice. When this happens the person’s phone will not ring, and they will be given a notification that they have a voicemail. For this reason, people feel this is very intrusive. Robo dialers are doing this because it is cheaper to do a ringless voicemail drop, then to actually make a call in most cases.


Ringless Voicemail and the TCPA


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or the TCPA, protects consumers from being automatically dialed by automated software. With ringless voicemail the lines are blurred. This is because a ringless voicemail can be delivered without even making a call. Ringless voicemail, not being a “call”, falls into a grey area with the TCPA. This is starting to change, because the robo dialers are abusing this tactic on a big scale. They may not all agree at the federal level (yet), many states have already ruled the practice of sending out ringless voicemails illegal. It is not worth being non-compliant, fined, or worse. It may sound like a good idea to start a ringless voicemail campaign, but the cons far outweigh the pros, and it is definitely not worth it to risk everything, just to cut a few corners.


Voicemail Drops The Better Alternative


Does this mean voicemails are a bad idea? Absolutely not. Voicemails are a great way to reach the end consumer. They just need to be done in an effective way. At Teledrip we focus on delivering a better experience not just for our customers, but their customer’s as well. Not only do we protect you from the dangers of ringless voicemail, we offer the option to provide voicemail drops. This way if our AI encounters a voicemail box it will auto drop a pre recorded message. The end consumer will only get a voicemail if they did not answer the phone, the way voicemails were intended to be used. It is also nice to be able to select a different pre recorded message on each campaign so you can further customize your voicemail messages to reach your target audience more effectively.