The Best Lead Response Time

The Best Lead Response Time

Based on research from MIT and, the optimal time to contact a lead from the point of filling out a form, or declaring in some way that “they are interested” is 5 minutes. After that time, your chances of making that qualification go down exponentially. Just by waiting 10 minutes your chances of qualifying a lead go down 400%.


The reason for this is many companies don’t have the workforce to contact all of their leads in real time. Teledrip makes it easy for you to schedule instant calls and texts from your lead form (the first point of contact), and every day there after until they become qualified. Our AI doesn’t sleep so using this data, you are able to schedule out your campaigns for the most effective contact and qualification rates. Our AI will even handle the automatic scheduled callbacks requested by your leads via SMS, Email, or our AI Voice feature. The best part is it will only engage your leads during open hours.


The Lead Response Management Survey


This study set out to determine the best day of the week, and even the best time of the day to contact a lead for optimal conversion rates. This information is very important to any business utilizing a call center to contact their leads. They examined 3 years of data from many different businesses that use



The study had some really interesting findings. It shows when calls really have the best chances qualifying a lead. Below is a summary of some of the findings found in this study:


  • With all days considered, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to contact a lead. There is a clear 47% better chance to qualify a lead on these days.
  • After 10 minutes the chances of qualifying a lead go down DRASTICALLY. Chances go down 6 times after only the first hour. After 20 hours, every time you call that lead, your chances will further decrease on being able to convert that lead.
  • The hours of 4-6pm are the best times to contact a lead. There is a 114% better chance to convert leads at this time.
  • The hours of 8-9am and 4-5pm are the best times to qualify a lead. (1-2pm is the worst time to qualify a lead.)





Based on these findings not only do we see Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to qualify leads, but it looks like from the first point of contact, many people that initiated contact on Wednesday were likely to close in the middle of the week, as opposed to other days. This is really interesting data, and it’s data that all outbound call centers can benefit from.