Keeping Up with Today’s Marketing Tech

Keeping Up with Today’s Marketing Tech

If you are attending Leadscon: Buyer’s Summit, and will be there Monday, March 4th, Chris Moreira CEO of Teledrip will be speaking about how top companies are utilizing AI to not only automate their sales process, but also make it more efficient than ever before.

Date: Monday, March 4th 2019

LeadsCon Buyers Summit

Hosted by:

  • Rob Seaver Executive Director, Leads Council

Presented by:

  • Chris Moreira, CEO, Teledrip
  • Marykathryn Briggs, VP Client Success, ActiveProspect, Inc.
  • Arvell Craig, CEO & Senior Consultant, Chatbot Funnels


TeleDrip CEO Chris Moreira will touch on how we are utilizing Artificial Intelligence in our platform to improve the customer experience. Many consumers have been harassed by text blasts, ringless voicemail drops, and robo dialing. Companies utilizing these tactics are ruining their brand by annoying their potential customers before they even get to their sales pitch. This is a fundamental problem across the board. AI has reached the point in its lifecycle to deal with problems that it never could before. When you have AI handling inbound SMS, understanding customer sentiment, and letting the customer set their own callback schedule, you are making the engagement process not only less expensive, but more friendly to your potential clients.


These are some of the more obvious uses for AI in the outbound call space. A lesser known area we use AI, is answering machine detection.  We have trained our AI to detect when an answering machine has picked up. This way we can use voicemails as they were intended to be used, and leave a voicemail that is not ringless. Carriers don’t like ringless voicemail drops. They generate lots of complaints, and it clogs up their cell networks.


This doesn’t mean that voicemails are not important, they absolutely are. This is why we make sure to use our AI to drop a voicemail message only when appropriate, so you can still generate callbacks. Don’t use a sub-par platform that drops voicemails without adequate detection. This could leave the voicemail cutting off half your message, or not left at all.


Give your customers the ability to schedule calls right from the first point of contact. We have found that engaging potential clients through SMS, and letting them know you are about to call them, puts that call in the potential clients hands. They could say, they are “not interested”, “don’t ever call me again” and our AI will know to close out that lead, and send no further communication. The most impressive part is in conjunction with our AI intention analysis through SMS, the client can say, “a better time would be next week at 2pm”, “call me thurs. instead.”, or even “can u give me 30 min?”. This will halt all communication, and will automatically schedule the call back at the desired time.