How Artificial Intelligence is Replacing Call Centers

How Artificial Intelligence is Replacing Call Centers

Top marketers for many years have been using auto dialers and setting up cubicles to hit their leads as fast as possible. Don’t have a workforce? No problem just go hire a bunch of call center agents on Craigslist, and now you’re processing orders.


This is what people have done for decades. It works, but is it the best solution? The churn rate in call center jobs is quite high and its very demanding to keep up with the staffing. Whats worse is that you will experience a large difference in quality from worker to worker. This is why many operations fail when trying to scale. With the advancements made in artificial intelligence and machine learning there are now better options. Cold calling is a repetitive task. You have to rely on your agents and the system your agents are using to be fully functional and operational at all times. You are also putting full responsibility on the agent to remain available and to continue accepting calls.


People can get lazy, they have to eat lunch, and they have to sleep. Artificial intelligence doesn’t have these problems for obvious reasons.


When people think of artificial intelligence they always think of something out of the Terminator movie. Our technology revolves more around natural language processing algorithms that are calculated by the AI. How this works is with word2vec calculations, weighted averages, and other patented technology. This calculation happens with every message, and the calculation is refactored with every new message we train the AI with.


We differ from other AI platforms because we are an out of the box solution. You won’t have to train your AI engine for every new company and/or campaign you create. We leverage all SMS that we have received throughout the entire platform so that we can train an AI engine that everyone can use in all cases immediately.